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Lucas Miller

Sine Mora EX ((NEW))

Sine Mora is an intriguing, stylish shooter that's well worth a punt at a budget price. Sine Mora EX, however, is a trickier sell; the underlying quality is still there and it can be a memorable experience, but the additions are sloppy and add little, making it tough to justify at its full price. On Switch it has portability going for it, with the game looking handsome on the handheld or TV - it's understandably sharper and easier to play than in the previous Vita version, for portable fans. It's a fascinating game, and may draw you back for plenty of repeat plays or even score-chasing runs to climb online leaderboards. Its flaws, however, mean it's not currently among the best of its genre.

Sine Mora EX

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Pros: Superb presentation, with great visuals, art design and soundtrack. Excellent level variety and some memorable boss battles. Wide range of difficultly levels and new story mode co-op. 041b061a72


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