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Big Little Lies PDF EPUB - Read Online or Download this Bestselling Book by Liane Moriarty

Big Little Lies: A Book Review

If you are looking for a book that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last, then you might want to check out Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. This bestselling novel is a captivating blend of mystery, drama, humor, and social commentary that explores the lives of three women who are connected by a shocking event at their children's school. In this article, I will give you a summary and analysis of Big Little Lies, and explain why it is a book worth reading.

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What is Big Little Lies about?

Big Little Lies is a novel written by Liane Moriarty, an Australian author who has written several other popular books, such as The Husband's Secret and Truly Madly Guilty. The novel was published in 2014 by Penguin Publishing, and it made the New York Times Best Seller list. In 2015, it won the Davitt Award for best adult crime novel. In 2017, it was adapted into a critically acclaimed television series starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley.

The novel is set in the Pirriwee Peninsula, a fictional suburb of Sydney, Australia. It follows the lives of three mothers who have children in the same kindergarten class: Jane, Madeline, and Celeste. Jane is a young single mother who has moved to town with her son Ziggy, who was conceived after she was raped by a stranger. Madeline is a feisty and outspoken woman who has a daughter from her previous marriage to Nathan, who left her for another woman named Bonnie. Celeste is a beautiful and wealthy woman who has twin boys with her husband Perry, who is secretly abusive towards her. The three women become friends and support each other through their personal struggles.

The novel revolves around a mysterious incident that occurs at the school's trivia night, where someone ends up dead. The novel uses flashbacks and testimonies from various characters to reveal what happened before and during the trivia night, and how it affects the lives of the three women and their families.

Who are the main characters?

The novel has a large cast of characters, but the main ones are:

  • Jane Chapman: A 24-year-old single mother who works as a bookkeeper. She is shy and insecure about her appearance and her past. She loves her son Ziggy dearly, but worries that he might have inherited his father's violent tendencies.

  • Ziggy Chapman: Jane's five-year-old son who is smart and sensitive. He is accused of bullying another girl in his class, Amabella, but he denies it. He does not know who his father is.

  • Madeline Martha Mackenzie: A 40-year-old mother of three who works part-time at a theater. She is loud and opinionated, and likes to meddle in other people's affairs. She is loyal to her friends and protective of her children. She is married to Ed, but still harbors resentment towards her ex-husband Nathan and his new wife Bonnie.

  • Ed Mackenzie: Madeline's second husband who works as a web designer. He is calm and patient, and loves Madeline despite her flaws. He sometimes feels insecure about Madeline's relationship with Nathan.

  • Abigail Mackenzie: Madeline's 14-year-old daughter from her first marriage to Nathan. She is rebellious and independent, and often clashes with Madeline. She is close to Bonnie, who encourages her to do charity work.

  • Chloe Mackenzie: Madeline and Ed's six-year-old daughter who is in the same class as Ziggy and Celeste's twins. She is precocious and musical, and likes to play matchmaker for her parents.

  • Celeste Wright: A 40-year-old former lawyer who is now a stay-at-home mom. She is stunningly beautiful and rich, and seems to have a perfect life with her husband Perry and their twin boys. However, she hides a dark secret: Perry is physically and emotionally abusive towards her, and she is afraid to leave him.

  • Perry Wright: Celeste's husband who works as a banker. He is charming and successful, but also violent and controlling. He beats Celeste whenever he feels threatened or jealous, but he also apologizes and showers her with gifts afterwards. He does not know that Celeste is planning to divorce him.

  • Josh Wright: One of Celeste and Perry's five-year-old twin sons. He is quiet and gentle, and often tries to protect his brother from their father's anger.

  • Max Wright: The other twin son of Celeste and Perry. He is more aggressive and impulsive than Josh, and he mimics his father's behavior by bullying other children in his class, especially Amabella.

  • Renata Klein: A 40-year-old corporate lawyer who is the mother of Amabella. She is ambitious and competitive, and often clashes with Madeline over school issues. She believes that Ziggy is hurting her daughter, and tries to get him suspended.

  • Gordon Klein: Renata's husband who works as a software engineer. He is supportive of Renata, but also tries to calm her down when she gets too worked up.

  • Amabella Klein: Renata and Gordon's five-year-old daughter who is in the same class as Ziggy, Chloe, Josh, and Max. She is shy and sweet, but also suffers from anxiety due to being bullied by Max.

  • Bonnie Carlson: Nathan's second wife who works as a yoga instructor. She is young and beautiful, and has a calm and spiritual personality. She gets along well with Abigail, but not with Madeline, who sees her as a threat.

  • Nathan Carlson: Madeline's ex-husband who works as an accountant. He left Madeline when Abigail was a baby, but now he lives nearby with Bonnie and their four-year-old daughter Skye. He tries to be a better father to Abigail, but he also annoys Madeline with his smugness.

  • Skye Carlson: Nathan and Bonnie's four-year-old daughter who goes to the same preschool as Ziggy. She is friendly and playful, and likes to hug Ziggy.

  • Thea Cunningham: A kindergarten teacher at Pirriwee Public School who tries to handle the conflict between the parents.

  • Miss Barnes: The principal of Pirriwee Public School who organizes the trivia night fundraiser.

  • Detective Sergeant Adrienne Quinlan: A police officer who investigates the death at the trivia night.

Why is Big Little Lies a popular and acclaimed book?

Big Little Lies is a book that has received a lot of praise from readers and critics alike. Some of the reasons why it is so popular and acclaimed are:

  • It has a compelling plot that keeps the reader guessing until the end. The book uses suspense, foreshadowing, clues, red herrings, twists, and turns to create a gripping mystery that involves murder, secrets, lies, betrayal, revenge, justice, and forgiveness.

It has realistic and relatable characters that the reader can empathize with or 71b2f0854b


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