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Maitechu Mia Partitura Pdf 21l

Maitechu Mia Partitura Pdf 21l

Maitechu Mia is a popular song by the Spanish group Mocedades, composed by Francisco Alonso and Emilio González del Castillo in 1933. The song is a tribute to the Basque culture and language, and it features a dialogue between a young man and his beloved Maitechu, who is a Basque dancer. The song was originally written for a zarzuela (a Spanish musical theatre genre) called La Calesera, but it became famous as a standalone piece.

If you are looking for the sheet music of Maitechu Mia, you can find it online in different formats, such as PDF, MIDI, Music XML, or audio. Here are some websites where you can download or print the sheet music for free:

Maitechu Mia Partitura Pdf 21l

  • []: This website offers a solo piano arrangement of Maitechu Mia by gerardb, which you can view, play, download, or print. The score has 2 pages and a duration of 1:49 minutes. You can also find other sheet music by Mocedades on this website.

  • []: This website provides the full score of Maitechu Mia in MIDI, Music XML, audio, or PDF formats. You can also access other zarzuela scores on this website.

Maitechu Mia is a beautiful and romantic song that expresses the love and admiration for the Basque culture and people. If you want to learn how to play or sing this song, you can use the sheet music available online to practice and enjoy.


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