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Simplecast V310 Full

simplecast is also extremely affordable. they charge just $5 per month for their basic plan, which allows you to host 3 shows. the basic plan also allows you to comment on your own shows and moderate comments in real-time.

Simplecast V310 Full

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simplecast, otherwise known as audios ventures, was founded in 2013. it is a podcast management platform that helps podcasters publish, distribute and analyze their content. it was acquired by sirius xm in 2020. it styles itself as the ultimate podcast management tool: the first and last word in podcast management and analytics, and stands out from competitor platforms for just the detailed data insights it delivers to podcasters.

the simplecast podcast mini-site lets you display the name of your show, the podcast description, and your episodes. you cant really change the text on this site designer, but it reflects the content you add via the podcast settings. you can add links to external websites in your navigation bar. additionally, you can add your social media accounts and connect google analytics and facebook pixel.

objectively speaking, simplecast is a powerful platform. it lives up to its name and does simplify the hosting, distribution, and management of your podcast. the detailed analytics and insights are also a level above what most other podcast hosting platforms have on offer. however, when looking at simplecast holistically, its functionality feels a little lackluster when compared to other competitor platforms. whilst simplecast is on the more expensive end of podcast hosting platforms, its features are comparatively limited. especially noticeable is the lack of monetization options. to sum up, if youre looking for in-depth and detailed data, simplecast definitely has you covered. however, if youre on a tighter budget, or looking for a podcast hosting platform that will do more than simply host and distribute your podcast, youre probably better placed looking elsewhere.


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