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[S4E9] Something Blue

At the very least, we may not expect something anytime soon. The opening for Angela and the others to cross paths with Abril's cartel operation is always there, but it's doubtful Angela will actively pursue Abril right now.

[S4E9] Something Blue


It's also something to be said about Tim's status as the eldest child who probably saw and knew far more than Genny did. And yet, as the oldest, he had to keep setting his feelings aside for his sister.

The Buffy and Spike dynamic alone is worth watching the episode for, but it's the antics of a blinded Giles that are the true stand-out moments. Comedy beats aside, Something Blue is something of an important episode in the canon as it further establishes Willow as a real magical force to be reckoned with, a plot-point that would fully blossom in two seasons time.

Vecna tells her there is nothing she can do now: Hawkins will fall, and he is going to remake "this senseless, broken world" into something "beautiful." Max rises in the air once again. In the pizza shop, El is thrashing as she struggles to fight back inside Max's mind. Mike does what he should have done nine episodes ago and tells El, if she can hear him, how much he loves her. Through, yes, the power of love, El's determination grows, and she breaks free and throws Vecna/Henry/One back from Max. In Russia at the same time, Hop and team have succeeded in luring the monsters to the pit and Murray starts to rain fire from above. Vecna screams in pain, the tentacle vines release Steve and the others, and the demobats attacking Eddie fall to the ground. Steve, Nancy, and Robin realize this is their chance: it's time for Phase 4, flambé.

On a more hopeful note, it looks like Robin might soon find love with a newly single Vickie, whom she runs into at the PB&J station. The Lenora gang also finally reunites with the Hawkins crew. It's mostly smiles all around, but things are clearly still tense between Nancy and Jonathan, so that's sure to be a plot point next season (I hear the shipper wars in the distance). El, Mike, and Will visit Max in the hospital, where Lucas is reading to her. It turns out that Max is alive, but she is in a coma that the doctors aren't sure she'll ever wake up from. Clinically, Lucas explains, she was dead for a whole minute, but something miraculous (cough cough, El) brought her back to life. El reaches out and touches Max's hand in the hospital bed, closing her eyes and transporting herself to her "darkness world." She calls out for Max, but what she finds is maybe even more chilling than death: nothing. There is no trace of Max anywhere. It is just pure darkness.

On a happier note, we get the reunion we've been waiting all season for between Hopper and El in their old cabin. They compare their shaved heads ("Bitchin'") and hug and cry, and for a brief moment, everything feels right in the world after the trauma that the Duffer brothers inflicted on us the past two hours. Outside, Joyce is reunited with El and her boys, and Mike and Hopper laugh and embrace. But the peace only lasts for a moment, of course. Cue sinister theme music! Will touches the back of his neck and looks up. The sky darkens as ash-like particles begin to fall. The gang walks through the woods to an open field where they see the grass has started to turn a grey-blue color, and the plants have started to wither and die. In the distance, the sky cracks with red lightning. The end has just begun.

Back at Fine Jewelry, the team are still in shock. Khalid says the display reminds him of first year medical school. Zatanna agrees, something inhuman wanted to know what makes them tick. Suddenly, Klarion teleports in, and he and Zatanna blame each other for the guard. Zatanna summons an ankh to banish Klarion but he easily dismisses it; he will not be fooled again after being trapped in the Tower of Fate for 16 days last time. He fires an energy beam at the group, which Zatanna blocks with a magic shield. Zatanna has her protégés pool their energy into her, but it is not enough as Klarion increases the power, shattering the shield and blasting them to the floor. Klarion is ready to kill them all.

The Superman battle is raging across Central City, and the real one is actually not doing so well. Kara shows up just in time to save him from a punch, shooting Deegan with her laser eyes and knocking him into the distance. She gives him the book and a white-blue light starts swirling around and things begin to change. Kara is back in her Supergirl outfit and Barry ends up back in his Flash suit. The elevator opens up and Oliver is once again the Green Arrow, complete with bow. Diggle and Caitlin are unconscious.

Oliver shows up with a special blue-tipped arrow. He fires it into the book and it creates an explosion of blue light, causing all the effects to fade. Time resumes and Barry and Kara are fine. Clark is able to catch Lois and Deegan turns back into his former self, but with a deformed, burned face. The book still exists, but no longer glows. All is good in the world again.

Wow! What a ride we went on for Elseworlds! Not only did our heroes save the world as usual, but we got to meet a couple of new characters in the process. While Lois Lane might not be seen as often, we should be getting more of Batwoman and that is definitely something to look forward to.

Quinn attempts to convince Carrie that he should go with her to the exchange for Saul, but Carrie pushes back and says no. She insists she needs Saul watching on standby because she has the feeling that "there's something else going on." Clearly, they're not going to give Haqqani his men back and Carrie's concerned that they may kill Saul. Her sixth sense is tingling.

The tears entered my eyes as Jeff unfolded his story and then quickly left as we slowly realized that Troy almost burned down something and Britta had never voted. The song was still great, and the emotional hook still worked wonderfully, but I think some of the secrets could have been a bit deeper.

This adds further fuel to the fan speculation about what happened to Jughead: One theory is that Bret and Donna may have done something to him and are now framing the trio; another that the trio are taking the fall so that Jughead can pretend to be dead as part of his investigation into Stonewall Prep; and yet another theory is that the trio really do have something to do with what happened to Jughead.

The Riverdale Season 4, Episode 9 synopsis, meanwhile, reveals that the episode will introduce a new figure in the form of Jughead's grandfather Forsythe Pendleton Jones I (Timothy Webber), whose appearance is very likely to have something to do with the mystery. Over the last few episodes, Jughead has been getting closer to the truth of a Stonewall Prep murder conspiracy covering up the real authorship of the Baxter Brothers series of books. Jughead has evidence that his grandfather wrote them, but everyone who has gotten close to finding this out before him has ended up dead.

In response to this, Max sits down and talks with Vecna. She admits that what Vecna said before was right, Max did want Billy to get hurt and die. Because Billy died, and she did not know if he deserved to be saved, she now wants something bad to happen to her.

As Eddie plays and distracts the bats, the attack on Vecna hits some snags. Other than Max trying to run to a happy memory, something she knew was going to be a challenge, the basketball players arrive at the Creel house and incapacitate Erica.

The episode begins with The Investigator experiencing visions of Holden, Miller, Ilus, and the protomolecule. He is trying to find clues about the destruction of the Ring Builders, but something is stopping him and keeps trying to wipe him out, causing him to lose his progress and be forced to start over, which is why he often has been forgetting things or repeating sentences when talking to Holden, and has been blocked from talking to him this whole time. He sees a vision of the Ring Builders being wiped out and, with a loud scream, is brought back to reality, where Holden is reeling from his screaming.

The Investigator leads Holden through dark corridors, telling him that there's something that waged war on the Ring Builders that they were unable to stop, and Holden agrees as he has seen those creatures. The Investigator is looking for any clues left behind to help them learn more about the mysterious aggressors, and the weapon they used to fight against the protomolecule. Dr. Okoye listens as Holden apparently talks to himself, while he tells the Investigator that he needs to get everyone out of the planet alive and asks him to focus on that first. The Investigator hopes to achieve that too, if he finds the weapon he is looking for, and though he is not sure that the humans will survive, it is truly their only option.[2]

Holden starts to stumble, as he's been awake for 3 days caring for and leading all the people in the settlement. The Investigator gives Holden a pep talk and gets him to keep going, leading him to a hole in the ground and asking him to jump in. He activates the hole somehow, to no visible effect until Holden puts his hand inside and touches a strange purple substance that glows in magenta light. As he asks The Investigator where it leads, Dr. Okoye catches up to him. She explains that she heard him talk to himself and overheard that he plans to save the ships, and she declares she is coming with him to help, as her people are also in danger, but he doesn't want her to come because he can only see The Investigator when he is alone. He explains that he needs The Investigator to guide him to something, though he doesn't tell her what exactly. Okoye watches as Holden jumps in the hall and falls through the strange glowing substance.[5]

Holden and the Investigator have reached the center of the structure, and found a strange glowing orb. The investigator says he needs to put himself into something physical. His plan is to connect his consciousness to every single machine on the planet, then walk into the orb and thus destroy all the mechanisms connected to him. As he explains this to Holden, he starts to glitch again and ponders that the protomolecule really wants to stop him from finishing his plan. He finds a suitable piece of machinery to use as a temporary body, saying they don't have much time and that Holden must guide the body as close to the orb as possible, but not let it touch the orb until the Investigator has connected to the rest of Ilus, which he says Holden will know has happened when it does. Holden notes that this really is the end. The Investigator says that it is his own end, but that he hopes Holden makes it out alive. He also tells Holden that there's a drop of the protomolecule underneath the Roci's cargo bay and that they should clean it up afterwards. Holden asks the Investigator about the glowing orb, noting that it killed the Ring builders whose rings humanity is now using, but the Investigator has nothing to offer on the matter, saying he got Holden this far, and the rest is up to him. Before the Investigator enters the mechanical body, Holden answers one of his earlier questions: Rain is just water. It doesn't taste like anything. The two of them smile at each other before the Investigator glitches out.[11] 041b061a72


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